Economia Mista di Mercato: UVDL Plan

Marco Venturelli12 Dicembre 2020
Economia Mista di Mercato: UVDL Plan

Adenauer, De Gasperi’s “Economia Mista di Mercato” the recipe to exit the Crisis in Europe. UVDL speech at Bocconi: “When a company goes bankrupt in one Member State, another business, on the other side of the Union, loses a customer or a supplier. A struggling economy in one part of Europe weakens a strong economy in another part. There is a strong economic rationale for European solidarity. We can only recover and succeed together: A social market economy, on a continental scale. The European economy is built on free enterprise. The free movement of people and goods has given unprecedented prosperity to the people of Europe.
According to its founding principles, the Single Market functions if there are same opportunities, fair competition, inequalities tackled proactively.
Adenauer’ s ‘Soziale Marktwirtschaft’, De Gasperi’s ‘economia mista di mercato’: an economy has to be free and fair to be efficient – and vice versa. That we should all play by the same rules and we should all be given a fair shot. A social market economy allows everyone to converge upwards. The social market economy is part of who we are as Europeans. It is our unique European model to move out of this crisis, together.”

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