Smart Leadership at artificial intelligence times

Marco Venturelli1 December 2023
Smart Leadership at artificial intelligence times

Smart Leadership Canvas – How to drive the artificial intelligence revolution through brain and heart

After just one year from the Chat-GPT popularity and the artificial intelligence hype, Filippo Poletti and Alberto Ferraris surprise us with a ready to use tool and a recipe for leaders who aim to navigate and manage the opportunities and risks of the new technological era.

The tool, Smart Leadership Canvas, like the famous Business canvas by Alex Osterwalder, guides the leader to prepare a clear plan about which results his/her team is expected to achieve through technology, how the associates in the team will learn and apply the knowledge to reach the objectives while assessing the right balance between brain (results) and heart (people). The Canvas built on 11 sub areas facilitate and make explicit for the leader how to set the objectives, how decisions will be taken, how people engagement and well being will be promoted etc.

The Canvas distill the knowledge and experience of 20 italian company leaders whose interviews are reported in the book and the accademia support by Alberto Ferraris. It is simple but powerful in its simplicity and allows the leader in a hour to prepare the canvas. What the authors then suggest is that it should become the base for sharing and discussing it with the team making sure it becomes their own plan.

The leader pilot (human) is expected to let the technology (IA) co-drive the team to reach the objectives faster, in a better way and with a balance between company and community interest.