Social Innovation @MIND

Marco Venturelli3 March 2024
Social Innovation  @MIND

What an amazing day at the just opened hashtag#BIGTHEATRE MIND Milano Innovation District talking about hashtag#SocialInnovation and hashtag#IntegratedWelfare. The future will be bright for the companies that are able to combine profit, public interest and long term purpose and Federated Innovation @MIND Life Sciences companies are keen to generate solutions that add value, digital transformation and circular economy schemes.
The Social Innovation Campus is the first Italian Campus on Social Innovation, launched in 2019 by the Social Innovation Academy of Fondazione Triulza in MIND in order to involve new generations in the design of a sustainable future, meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, through impact technologies and the dialogue with differente worlds.
The Campus is an annual event culminating in a 2-days of international talks, workshops, hackathons, labs, lectios and contests. hashtag#MIND is the concrete context where it is possible to imagine and experiment innovative solutions for the Cities of the Future, mixing knowledges and worlds. the Triulza Foundation wants to explore strategies with MIND stakeholders and partners to ensure that everyone can discover and enhance their talent and contribute to the construction of a cohesive and inclusive society through:
Dynamic innovation ecosystems
Integrated training systems
Proactive communities and territories
In discussions with MIND stakeholders and partners, the following will be discussed:
How can we help all young people, without excluding anyone, to discover and enhance their talent?
What can talents do for sustainable development in social and environmental terms? Which environmental and social impact policies become an element of attraction of talents in profit?