Sustainable Finance : utopia or reality?

Marco Venturelli1 October 2020
Sustainable Finance : utopia or reality?

How to associate sustainability and finance and allocate your investments and sustain your company broader purpose?

Nobody knows where the island of Utopia is.

Utopia is a Greek pun on ‘ou-topos’ [no place] and ‘eu-topos’ [good place] and in modern times the word has been first used by Thomas More in 1516.

In Utopia, there are no lawyers because of the laws’ simplicity and because social gatherings are in public view, everyone is encouraged to behave well, men and women are educated alike. Nature is respected and loved.

It was a dream place, the opposite of the 16th century that times when Thomas lived where society was a “conspiracy of the rich”. Such men were “greedy, unscrupulous and useless”.

 Critics to the powerful and rich hasn’t changed much. Today the Princess of Utopia is Greta who says that  the rich and old people are stealing the Planet from the young generation. Can Finance help this young woman?