How Life Science companies are measuring their ESG Impact

Marco Venturelli9 January 2023
value impact

An EY Podcast with Barend van Berger and Sonja Haut

Having worked with Sonja Haut for many years I had the opportunity to collaborate in developing an use case in Novartis Italy and proposed a way and an approach to measure the company impact there. I am very proud to see how the topic has taken ground and attention. In the Podcast you can hear how Society is increasingly interested and requires to understand the IMPACT of a company measuring economic, social and governance effects and how an IMPACT scheme and measurement can be built.

Sonja shares both her definition of Sustainability: “the long term value creation within planetary boundaries and respecting human rights” and the G7 definition of IMPACT: a change in an aspect of people’s wellbeing or the condition of the natural environment caused by an organisation.

In the Podcast you can hear very clearly the questions that drove a large corporation like Novartis, in 2015, to consider how to measure its operations IMPACT: would better decisions being taken if always non financial measures are taken into account? how meaningful to broader stakeholders would the knowledge of the monetary value of IMPACT be? how IMPACT could be used used in disclosures?

An excellent way for all Finance associates that are thinking how to contribute to improve their company approach to measure, manage and plan IMPACT.