The Case for IMPACT

Marco Venturelli4 January 2023
The Case for IMPACT

If you share Sonja Haut ‘s vision that in 2030 “a new breed of new capitalism is enabled thanks to a new way of assessing the performance of companies based on a valuation of their overall impact” and you agree with F. Scott Fitzgerald aphorism: “I saw the improbable, the implausibile, often the impossible come true,” when a person with vision decide to take the first step , then this is your book.
A journey “grassrooted” and flourished among a large multidisciplinary group that yesterday celebrated the important milestone of “The Case for Impact – A guide to creating value in a world of social and environmental challenges”. The results obtained so far, make me think that the 2030 vision is really reachable. The book is a manual for those that want to implement an “impact” journey in the company or institution they work in or can advice and influence.
It was nice to regroup and thank Sonja Haut who “took the first step”.
Foteini ( Fotini) Bampanara John Elkington Selcen Erdem Fabio Gfeller Remo Inglin Regula Pfäffli Carrie Scott Denise Weger Jürgen Wieland Christiane Reiss

Thank you Marco Venturelli for having joined the book launch event! Great to learn that the introductory quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald resonates with you. Let me add this one:„The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.“ Congratulations to the impact movement on your ollective achievements to date!